About Us

My name is Spencer, owner of 217 Home Buyers. I live in west-central Illinois with my wife and four kids.

Our company has been buying, selling, leasing, trading real estate for over a decade. I enjoy helping sellers understand their options and knowing my help has bettered their situation.

Every single homeowner who contacts us looking to sell a house quickly has a unique circumstance.

We will do our best to work with you to figure out the best solution for your individual situation.

Unfortunately, we cannot buy every house a seller needs to sell fast, but we can certainly point you in the right direction for other options.

If you need to sell a home quickly, contact us today for a no-risk, no-obligation cash offer for your home.

We help people dealing with situations like foreclosure, owning a burdensome property with expensive repairs, probate, inherited a home, liens or anything else.

Instead of putting your house on the market and waiting weeks or even months for an interested buyer to come

Our Mission

To understand, value, and help those wanting to sell real estate simply and efficiently.

Our Core Values

  • You Matter More – There is service, and then there is believing that people were created with intrinsic value. We have a simple belief, we were created to serve other people and view them as more important than ourselves.

  • Everyone Wins – Winning is fun. Winning for the right reasons is more fun. The only deals we do are Win-Win scenarios for both parties. If the solution doesn’t benefit both parties we will help you find other solutions. And we will create a Win-Win solution by helping you.

  • Extreme Ownership – We take this seriously. We embrace and celebrate our victories and own up to our mistakes and immediately correct them. We cherish the fact that we get to help people in our job. We will never lose sight of this responsibility.

  • Continual Improvement – The only thing guaranteed is change. We will adapt, respond and improve our processes and knowledge to always be at the forefront of this continually changing industry. We are subject matter experts and will always be.

  • Be a Blessing – Our team strives to be the people you love to be around that bring encouragement and speak life. We help and serve and believe we need to leave things better than where they started.

Our Commitment to You

You come first. We are subject matter experts on house flipping. We’ll ask a bunch of questions to get to know your unique scenario and we’ll let you know what options you have, and what all of those could possibly look like for you.

We are here to help solve your problem, if our solution works, fantastic. If not, we’ll gladly point you in the direction of other professionals in the real estate industry that can help.

Selling for Cash to Us

  • You will pay zero commissions or closing costs.

  • Close within 7 days – or When it Works For You.

  • : No Banks – which means no appraisals or loans to fall through.

  • Make No Repairs and Sell the Home Exactly the way it is.

  • Zero Showings, No Walkthroughs, No Open Houses.

Listing with a Realtor

  • You Typically Pay 9-10% between commissions and closing costs.

  • Most buyers expect thousands in repairs to be done prior to closing.

  • Homes often take 4-8 months to sell with realtor.

  • Closings are typically 45-90 days after an accepted offer.

  • Deals often fall through due to a low appraisal or the buyer’s bank financing.